Politics was on the agenda at Bishop Heber School in Malpas as students quizzed MP Antoinette Sandbach.

The Eddisbury MP, whose constituency covers Malpas, met GCSE and A-level students and took part in a ‘one-woman question time’.

Ms Sandbach said was it was important students at the school know she represents them.

“Just because they don’t have a vote doesn’t mean I’m not their Member of Parliament,” she said.

“Like any other of my constituents, it’s very nice to go out and see them.That’s great for me because it’s gets me to know what interests them.

“I really enjoyed it and was impressed by the standard of knowledge and questions. Nearly all of them were around policy, which is really important.

“We lack young people being engaged in politics but perhaps the Brexit debate has changed that.

“It wasn’t just about Brexit though – we covered all sorts from womens’ rights to fake news.”

However, Ms Sandbach is not in favour of lowering the voting age to 16.

She added: “I don’t think the ‘dam’ stopping 16 year olds being allowed to vote is going to come down.

“Voting at 18 has been set for a very good reason, the time that you become an adult in law.

“I think there are huge opportunities for people who are interested in and want to get involved in politics between 16-18, but I’m not convinced about votes.”