A number of issues were raised with councillors at the recent Malpas Parish Council last week.

In the open forum, where members of the public can address councillors, issues raised included the closure of toilets in the village, street lights not working in the High Street and the lack of emptying of dog bins.

Two members of the public attended the meeting and also raised concerns that general waste bins were not being emptied.

Councillors also accepted a planning report provided concerning a two-storey rear extension to an outbuilding at Eastwood, Whitewood Lane in Overton.

They also received an update from surgeries held in October, with issues raised including a request for mirror access because f parking at the junction of Hollowood Road.

The council was also thanked for arranging for people to start using the bottle bank again, while there was a continuing complaint about the state of a garden in Springfield Road.

It was announced another meeting was scheduled for an update to address parking problems around Bishop Heber School in Chester Road.

A recent meeting was well-attended and it was announced the school would keep a database of students with cars.

Councillor Sue Griffith told the meeting she had contacted Honeybee florists for a quote to do the hanging baskets in the village next year.

She has spoken with a local architect and a Church Street resident for ideas on how to improve the appearance of the village.

For more on the meeting, head to www.malpascheshire.org/parish-council/malpas-parish-council.html