If you’d asked someone what a ‘selfie’ was even 10 years ago, they would have thought you were not quite with it.

But now Whitchurch Young Farmers’ Club is celebrating becoming national champions at the picture-taking craze.

The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) held a competition for all groups across the country.

This gave each club the chance to capture its individuality and express what being part of the organisation is all about.

The winner of the competition would receive a new digital camera courtesy of HOPS Recruitment.

Judges Chris Stark from BBC Radio 1 and NFYFC president Charlotte Smith were set the difficult task of choosing which YFC they would most like to join.

After viewing all 54 entries they decided Whitchurch was their favourite.

They chose the picture because it summed up everything about the spirit of young farmers – a group of people who work hard but through NFYFC make great friends, support each other and have a laugh.

The picture of Whitchurch made Chris and Sarah want to join in with the fun because everyone
is smiling and enjoying themselves.

Chris and Sarah loved the playful props especially the cow onesies worn by Emily Grandfield and Sarah Maginess.

Grace Edwards, who is the queen of selfies, took the picture in her inflatable crown.

The Whitchurch members were delighted their picture won the competition.

Harry Morgan, Jayne Bennett and Fiona Birtles, who are the new top table at the club, said they could wait to take many more selfies with their new camera.