An ANGRY Whitchurch resident is furious at delays in slashing a speed limit on a “dangerous” road.

Linda Markham has campaigned for five years to try to get the speed limit on a stretch of Chester Road changed.

At present motorists are allowed to travel at up to 60mph but Linda and other residents are convinced it is too high and demand it is reduced to 30mph – although police have agreed it should be reduced to 40mph.

“I am doing this on behalf of the residents in the area. We all signed a petition four years ago but nothing has changed.

“There is a residential home along the main road and a new housing estate being built. Allowing cars to travel at 60mph is really dangerous. The road also narrows near an island round-about and I’ve seen cars mount it.

“Police have approved the speed limit at 40mph but Shropshire Council has said it cannot afford it as it will cost around £3,000.”

But Shropshire Council countered it has noted this concern and plans to look into the change of speed limit.

Dave Gradwell, Shropshire Council’s area traffic engineer for north Shropshire, said: “A road safety submission for the introduction of a reduced speed limit on the section of Chester Road in Whitchurch, between the roundabout on the bypass and the start of the existing 30mph speed limit by the junction with Pear Tree Lane, is being put forward for consideration of funding as part of next year’s Capital Programme (2018/19), in accordance with Shropshire Council’s Road Safety Policy process.”

But Linda is not satisfied and claimed said she had heard the same thing year after year – and nothing has changed.

“I’m not hopeful,” she said. “I’ve had the same thing being said for the past four years.

“Even if it does decide to make the changes for 2018/19, that means I have been on this case for seven long years – and that is ridiculous.

“The police have agreed a speed limit of 40mph all the council has to do is put the signage up.

“And although the council has said it will look into the funding next year, it doesn’t necessary mean the changes will be put in place.”