Landscape experts have slammed proposals by Aldi to build a new supermarket in Whitchurch.

ESP Ltd, the consultee on behalf of Shropshire Council, said however well landscaped the building, it is likely to receive objections from locals and visitors.

It also said the “adverse visual effects” have not been “fully explored”.

The new foodstore has been proposed for land on Wrexham Road and would sit adjacent to the Llangollen Canal.

Summarising the response to its initial review from May 2017, the company said: “In summary, we still have concerns that adverse visual effects have not been fully explored and that the potential adverse effects on the distinctive and valued character of the local landscape, particularly the setting of the Llangollen and Whitchurch Canals and Greenfield Nature Reserve may be objectionable.

“The site is an open, rural, canal-side pasture located outside of the Development Plan boundary for Whitchurch and therefore a more strict approach to assessing landscape and visual effects is required.

“However well landscaped, the proposed store is a large commercial building that ‘turns its back’ on the canal corridor and would probably be objectionable to local people and visitors to the canals, towpath, footpath network leading out of Whitchurch and the nature reserve.”

George Brown, property director for Aldi, said: “Aldi is considering all reports in relation to its application and will respond to these as appropriate as part of the application process.”