A Malpas historian has published his latest work comprising a collection of articles and poems from the area.

David Hayns’ 36-page illustrated book, A Malpas Miscellany, is the latest in a series of works he has published and is currently on sale in Malpas, Whitchurch and Holt.

Mr Hayns said: “Perhaps the most topical article is about the two rectors, who formerly served the parish, and their links with the ‘King’s Chair’ which, until recently, stood in the Red Lion and has been purchased by a group of the pub’s regulars .

“The article includes the full text of a long poem by a 19th century rector, claiming to recount the legend behind the chair.”

Other articles tell of town links with the Romans, including the Malpas Tabula, a military ‘pension certificate’, now on display in the British Museum; the story of the Malpas Fire Service, from when the parish purchased two fire engines in 1832; Malpas churches and chapels; the Women’s Institute on the Home Front during the Second World War; music and drama in the town during the 1940s and 1950s; windmills which have vanished; the visit of Celia Fiennes to No Mans Heath in 1698; the Clayhole in Wrexham Road; local members of the Cheshire Yeomanry who became involved in a ‘punch-up’ at Aldershot when training for the Boer War campaign; and the provision of lower cost housing.

The booklet is on sale at £5 from N&J Owen in Malpas, BookShrop in Whitchurch and Bellis Brothers in Holt, or for £6.50 (inclusive of postage) from David Hayns at Stoke Cottage, Church Street, Malpas, Cheshire SY14 8PD, or by calling 01948 860486 or emailing david@hayns.com