Residents from a home at the heart of a proposal for a new medical centre in Whitchurch are asking to have their concerns heard.

The Whitchurch Herald revealed that Wrekin Housing Trust, the owner of flats at Pauls Moss, Dodington, were in preliminary discussions with stakeholders putting plans together for a new centre.

The trust is exploring the option of redeveloping the site including accommodation for older people and a new medical centre.

Residents attended a meeting but felt they did not have the situation clearly explained to them.

In a statement they said: “Residents at the Pauls Moss House are some of the town’s most vulnerable, some into their 90s and with conditions such as onset of dementia and limited physical capacity.

“They live in sheltered accommodation where a part-time manager has been on hand to support them while maintaining their own freedom and independence.

“A rushed meeting was called on the evening of this bombshell going into the Whitchurch Herald the next day. The residents were informed of the move, understanding that it was a ‘done deal’ to such an extent that some have already started to move out of their beloved homes.

“We would like to make it clear that we really support the building of a new medical centre for Whitchurch, even if it’s here. But we must state that this feels like it has come out of the blue.

“We would also like to know that if it’s going here, then can they build the residents block first for the pensioners?

“Because of their health conditions and the mental capacity of some of the residents, they have the support of carers and families to deal with details of their lives.

“The rushed meeting meant some of these couldn’t attend and some residents feel frightened, petrified and pushed out of the homes they love and expected to stay in until their end of life.”

But Peggy Mullock, chairman of Whitchurch Patients Group, has moved to allay the fears and confirmed she has asked Wrekin Housing Trust to hold another meeting with residents.

She said: “I want to assure the residents that we’ve heard their concerns.

“I have spoken to officials involved with the planning and we have requested that Wrekin Housing Trust go back to the residents and explain in more detail what may happen.

“The proposal to Wrekin’s land at Pauls Moss is just that - a proposal. We are a long way off getting anything in place that would lead to building on the land.

“But, it is something we are looking at which will benefit the whole town, including the residents, who I know are fully behind the need for improve medical facilities in Whitchurch.”