Whitchurch Town Council will receive a presentation on plans for a new medical centre in tomorrow’s meeting.

Phil Brenner, representing the Wrekin Housing Trust, will present ideas on the proposal for Pauls Moss in Doddington.

The site was identified as a potential for merged healthcare last month, as a number of stakeholders entered into preliminary consultations.

The meeting – starting at 7.15pm in the Civic Centre – will also see the councillors hope to resolve the Civic Centre freehold, issues surrounding the skateboard park and how to increase the signage in the town centre.

Councillors are also set to elect members to outside bodies such as the Jane Higginson Charity, Beechtree Community Centre and Samuel Higginson Almshouse along with a number of other committees.

The council will also discuss the extension to the Jubilee Park play area and consider setting up a Task and Finish Group to receive the Place Plan.

The meeting is in the Edward German Room, and residents are invited for refreshments with councillors beforehand.