A couple from Whitchurch celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary with a trip down memory lane.

Geoffrey and Joyce Jones, of Belton Road, Whitchurch, celebrated the milestone with a card from the Queen on September 28.

The family took them back to Newquay, Wales where they spent their honeymoon and gave them a chance to remember treasured memories.

Geoffrey, 87, said: “The secret to a long marriage is give and take, but mainly giving.

“We both keep ourselves busy, with gardening and pottering around and Joyce baking and painting.

“Hobbies are very important to a long marriage.

“We both have a good understanding of each other and help and support each other in every way.”

Geoffrey was born in Grindley Brook and Joyce, 82, was born in Whitchurch, and they met at a dance in Whitchurch.

They have lived in Belton Road all their married life. They have three sons and five grandchildren.

They received a card from the Queen and celebrated with family and friends on the day.