Three stone monoliths are now in place marking the beginning of work to create Shropshire’s first burial mound in 5,000 years.

The monumental standing stones were put in position at Soulton Hall last Tuesday and will mark the path towards the long barrow site where cremated remains will be housed.

Work on the Neolithic-inspired long barrow, which will contain niches for urns, is due to begin next year.

Tim Ashton from Soulton Hall has worked closely with Sacred Stones, a company bringing back burial mounds with one already open in Cambridgeshire and one under construction in Herefordshire.

Others are planned across the country.

Toby Angel, managing director of Sacred Stones, said: “It’s always quite emotional when people say they want to be there.”

He added last week was a milestone and said: ”We are in no hurry, we can engage with people, let them come and experience the site and that’s really nice.”

Mr Ashton was keen to involve the community in the project with an open day hosted in February this year ahead of a planning application.

The proposal was approved by Shropshire Council last month.