Councillors in Whitchurch have reacted angrily to Shropshire Council’s parking consultation, describing it as ‘cash cow’ to make money.

The consultation – which closes on October 17 – was put before councillors for the first time since it had started and will consider seven proposals.

The proposals include the introduction of a set price per hour; a standard countywide banding/ranking system; parking tickets for unrestricted periods; set price charges between 9am and 8pm and an extension of on-street loading and taxi bay provision in evenings and mornings.

It is also proposing a removal of the 15-minute ‘pop and shop’ period.

Councillor Jessica McCauley reacted angriest, telling the meeting that she feels the proposals will kill off market towns and told Shropshire to keep them to Shrewsbury.

Cllr Alan Chesters told members that Whitchurch Town Council should co-ordinate a response with the town’s Shropshire councillors to oppose the proposals.

He also urged residents to get out and make their views known to Shropshire Council before the consultation closes in order to avoid charges increasing.

Meanwhile, deputy mayor Councillor Bev Duffy, who chaired the meeting in Cllr Tony Neville’s absence, confirmed the council will offer the Civic Centre as a potential venue for a consultation on Pauls Moss.

The Herald revealed last week that the flats have been identified as a potential site for moving all of Whitchurch’s GP services into one super surgery.

It was also confirmed that a contamination study will need to be undertaken before the proposed skate park in Jubilee Park can be built.

Part of the plans for the park are on old gas works and it was agreed for a company called RSK Environment Services to carry out the survey to avoid any potential problems in the future.

It was also confirmed that Chris Smith has stood down from the council because of time pressures from other commitments.

Nicola Young, town clerk, said: “Mr Smith has written to tender his resignation and wishes Councillor Tony and Mrs Neville success throughout their term of office.

“Mr Smith has been a proactive member of the council throughout his duration as a town councillor and Whitchurch Town Council thank him for all his work, particularly instigating the setting up of @theCivic events group.

“Whitchurch Town Council wish Mr Smith success, especially with his new role bringing benefits to the community within the charity sector.”