Whitchurch’s town mayor Tony Neville is calling on residents to attend tonight’s full council meeting to hear what West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion has to say.

The Conservative PCC will address the meeting and will answer questions already submitted by the town council ahead of the meeting.

Councillor Neville says he wants to know more about a lack of policing on the streets, adding that as people voted him in, they should be there to hear him out.

“The town council has already submitted questions to the PCC’s office,” he said.

“We’ve asked about the lack of police presence on the streets of our town and what the police are doing about the high number of anti-social behaviour incidents that have taken place recently.

“Mr Campion has been elected by you, so please come along to the council’s meeting to hear what the police are doing for Whitchurch.”

Mr Campion will speak at the meeting, which starts at 7.15pm and is held in the Edward German Room at the Civic Centre.

Whitchurch Town Council has prepared a list of questions for the PCC and Mr Campion will be answering these at the meeting.

His role, as the Police and Crime Commissioner, is to hold the Chief Constable to account and to ensure the West Mercia police force is delivering an efficient and effective service that meets the needs of the public.

Mr Campion works for and with local communities to build a safer West Mercia. It is his role to scrutinise the service you, as a member of a local community, get from your police force. He ensures your needs are met and you have a service you can trust and be confident in.

Doors open at 7pm and tea and coffee will be available.