SHROPSHIRE Council has declined to put a time limit on how long Whitchurch’s Black Park Road will be closed after it suffered extensive damage because of badgers.

Work on repairing the road started last week and officials at Shropshire Council are insisting the road is unsuitable for traffic because of the damage caused by the animals.

The council has put a diversion in place but Victoria Doran, Shropshire Council’s highways manager – north east, suggested that financial constraints may play a part in how long it takes for the road to re-open.

“Black Park Road has suffered extensive damage caused by badgers and is unsuitable for traffic,” she said.

“Significant work will be required, under licence, in order to reopen the road.

“Due to the complex nature of the work and substantial budget implications, it is not possible to specify how long the road will remain closed at this time, but it is likely to be long-term.

“A diversion is in place.”

Roads in Shropshire have been damaged by badgers before, including in the south of the county.

The council would need to apply for a licence to remove or re-locate any badger setts, which are protected by law.

The licence would have to come from Natural England and fully show how they have tried to maintain the badgers’ natural habitat.