A FARMER has said his family could have been killed on a dangerous stretch of road near Whitchurch.

Chris Weaver, of Villa Farm in Broughall, said action must be taken on the A525 after the incident on Friday in which he says four of his cows were struck by a vehicle with one having to be destroyed.

However, he says it could have been worse with himself, his wife and his son just inches away from the vehicle.

He told the Whitchurch Herald: “We had been TB testing and took 44 cows across the road. I went with the vet and waved the traffic down.

“As the last ones were going across all of a sudden I heard this loud blaring of a horn and shouts and there was this van which passed right by me. If I hadn’t turned to the left he would have hit me, instead he brushed past me.

“My son, my wife and my workers were on the other side, but it nearly took the vet out.”

Four of Mr Weaver’s cows were struck by the van, two of which are still being treated for their injuries, while one had to be destroyed.

He continued: “It was a bit of a frightening experiences, but the whole family could have been wiped out.”

Mr Weaver, who also runs a fishery on the site, said calls have gone unanswered for more than a decade to reduce the speed limit on the road.

Earlier this year, two men died on the road - one of which, Roy Ernest Bundy, was a member of the fishery, while the other, Walter Stanley Dobrowolski, was a motorcyclists who was travelling on the road.

At the inquest, assistant coroner Heath Westerman was critical of the lack of road signs on the stretch.

Mr Weaver continued: “We have been asking for calming measures for years and nothing ever happens.

“Nobody seems to want to do anything.”

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said they have received a report and are investigating the matter.