A new scheme which offers surplus food to community groups in need is looking for recipients and volunteers to help set it up.

The Food Hub, which will hold a taster event at Cliffords, in the High Street, on September 12, will collect surplus food thrown away by supermarkets, such as Sainsbury’s in the town, to be given to groups which need it.

Simon Tooth, manager at Clifford’s, says the cafe already operates a similar project and believes it is an excellent way to help groups reduce their outlay.

“We already collect surplus food from Tesco for our Community Fridge,” said Simon.

“A Food Hub is a way of making sure that it’s really easy for community groups to get the free surplus food that they need and that the food is shared out fairly.

“We have the support of the Shrewsbury Food Hub which saves its 36 groups more than 30 per cent of their food budget.

“We are looking for volunteers who can help for a few hours a week to collect food from the supermarkets and to help organise the rota.

“And, of course, for groups who can use free bread, fruit and veg.”

The Food Hub has already made its first collection of free surplus food from Sainsbury’s to assist the Summer School Meals initiative being operated by the Whitchurch Foodbank.

Alan Scutt, chairman of Whitchurch Foodbank, added: “The food is helping us reduce the cost of the weekly food parcels we are providing during the summer.

“We applaud the initiative to utilise this food and encourage everyone to support this new project.”

Find out more at Clifford’s House, 9 High Street, Whitchurch on September, 12 from 12–2pm, when a delicious surplus food lunch of soup and bread and cake will be available.