Replacement windows at a property in Wem may have to be removed after a retrospective planning proposal was not given the backing of planning officers.

Applicant Mr D. Hughes has already installed four windows at The Primitive Chapel in Pool Head.

However, in a report by case officer Jane Preece, due to go before the North Shropshire Planning Committee next Tuesday, she says it should not get the go-ahead because it would lead to “a loss of major features” within the building.

She said: “It is considered the replacement of the existing windows has resulted in the loss of major features within the overall design and distinctive architectural style of the building – and that the replacement windows that have been installed are incongruous of inappropriate design, proportions and materials.

“The local planning authority considers this has served to significantly detract from the character of the building, harming its significance and diminishing its value as a local heritage asset.”

The windows are double-glazed UPVC in a light oak finish, whereas the original windows were metal frames painted white.

Planning permission for the conversion was granted in December 2003. However, the applicant moved into the property only in March and changed the windows as they were decayed, not sound proof and did not retain heat.

Ms Preece added: “He was unaware consent was required to install the replacement windows until a neighbour questioned if they had to apply for permission to change them.

“Having consequently contacted Development Management for advice, they are now looking to resolve the situation with the current application.”

The proposal has received the backing of Wem Rural Parish Council, but does not have the support of a heritage assessment.