Last week we challenged Herald readers to send in pictures of sunflowers taller than 9ft.

Guess what? You didn’t just beat it, you smashed it.

Owen Edgerton, 11, of Kent Close, Edward German Drive, Whitchurch, has grown a whopper sunflower. Measuring 9ft 5in, it is the tallest of those he has grown this summer.

Meanwhile, Matthew Welburn and daughter Lilliah, three, of Greenfields Rise, Whitchurch, have gone even bigger with a sunflower measuring 10ft 4in.

Over in Chester Road, Whitchurch, Andy Haller has grown a staggering 9ft 10in specimen from seed.

It’s still growing and has to have extra support to prevent it breaking in the wind.

Carol Pace sent in a picture via Facebook with her sunflowers including one at 8ft 8in, the tallest she has ever grown.

Also sent in via Facebook was a picture of green-fingered Molly Musgrove, six, with her sunflowers which stand at 8ft 11in.

John Moulton, of Chemistry, Whitchurch, sent us a picture of his sunflowers which are 10ft 4in. He has been growing sunflowers for four years, and last year one made an amazing 11ft 3in. His secret is to add a lot of chicken manure.

Frank Whiston, four, who last year grew a 11ft 7in sunflower, was this year joined by his sister Hester, 20 months, with their efforts reaching a very credible 9ft.

Thank you to all our readers who have submitted pictures – please keep sending them in!