A man in Whitchurch whose house was shot at by an anonymous assailant with an air rifle has asked people to be on their guard and report anything to police.

Dean Barlow was sat with his family last Tuesday at about 9pm when he heard a loud bang, and raced upstairs to discover a hole in a bedroom window.

His neighbour reported the same, with his patio door glass smashed by the impact.

Mr Barlow believes the shots came from the woods behind the properties near Chester Road.

“This is an extremely dangerous act which could result in serious injury or even death,” said Mr Barlow, who moved into the house three months ago.

“I would like the wider population of Whitchurch to be made aware of this potentially-dangerous situation of an armed individual in the town who is prepared to fire shots at people’s homes.

“My neighbour had his patio door window glass shattered by the impact, and the shot came from woods behind his house.

“Someone was taking pot shots on Tuesday night. We’re not sure if it was kids or not, but someone had an air rifle.

“It’s been reported to the police, who are aware of people who have air rifles in the area and are speaking to them.

“The damage we received was in the upstairs bedroom window. There was nobody in that room but the next one along is my three-year-old daughter’s room.

“Of course, that leaves me a lot of cause for concern.

“We don’t know if it’s some doing it because they’re bored or someone has an issue with the new housing estate.”

Mr Barlow said he had some concern for those with the rifle.

He added: “In this day and age, it’s more of a warning for people walking around with an air rifle.

“If someone sees that and reports it, armed police can turn up.

“In these days of terrorism, who knows how they react?

“We want people to be aware of the danger, whether they’re kids or adults.”

A spokesman for West Mercia Police said: “We received a call at 3:39pm on Wednesday, August 9, to reports of criminal damage at a property in Whitchurch.

“The incident is believed to have taken place between 8.30pm and 9pm on Tuesday, August 9.

“It is believed a air rifle has been fired and caused damage to the window.

“Enquires are still on-going.

“Police would like to speak to anyone who may have seen or have information regarding this incident, to contact West Mercia Police on 101, quoting crime number 22FE/71491G/172.”