A representative of one of the biggest businesses in Whitchurch town centre, the Antiques Emporium, has called on Tesco to review its controversial parking restrictions.

Simon Grover has spoken out on behalf of the collection of units selling their wares in the two-floor outlet in Green End.

He says that while business is fine at the minute with more units being filled, those who run the Emporium are worried a current downward blip in takings will become a trend if the restrictions remain.

“We’re asking Tesco to be continuously reviewing this policy because surely what’s good for Whitchurch is good for them, and vice versa,” said Mr Grover.

“We would like to see Tesco reviewing these restrictions. It’s not a plea to them but they’ve been in place for a few months now and it’s incumbent of them to review the impact on the town.

“We track our sales figures and since June, we’ve dipped – and it’s sustained throughout July.

“It feels like these are year-on-year sales will be sustained through August.

“We thought June was a blip but it was the same in July – and we’re worried if it’s a trend, what’s the issue?

“The feedback we’re getting from customers is either they’ve come for the first time and have to run back to the car because of the restrictions, or regular customers tell us they used to pop in when they came into town but now feel they can’t with the parking – and if something has to drop off the list, it’s us.

“If a blip becomes a trend, that will be a concern to us – and if it’s affecting us, it will affect other businesses in town, which is bad for Whitchurch.”

Mr Grove added he would be interested in seeing what impact the parking restrictions have had on the superstore itself as he felt some are avoiding the store because of the new rules.

Tesco was contacted for comment but had not responded by the time the Herald went to print.

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