A man has been treated for superficial injuries in Whitchurch High Street after his Range Rover accelerated out of his control.

Police were called to the incident at around 10.30am on Friday morning when the driver of the Range Rover pulled over after an incident in the street a few minutes earlier.

However, the handbrake failed and the vehicle shot up the High Street, scraping a stationary car and injuring his right arm in the process as he tried to open the door.

A hammer was needed to smash the front passenger window to gain entry to the car after it was automatically shut down.

An ambulance was called to the scene to treat the man, but it was required for another member of public after they were taken ill.

Meanwhile, West Mercia Police have appealed for witnesses to come forward followign an incident outside Princes in Wem High Street on August 3.

If you can assist in their enquiries, please call 101 quoting 0665S 030817 or via email:- wem.snt@westmercia.pnn.police.uk

Shropshire Fire were also called out on Thursday following a report of a flood affected electrics in the High Street.

One crew from Whitchurch attended the scene on Thursday night.