A property director from Aldi will be giving a presentation to councillors in Whitchurch tomorrow at their full meeting for July.

Controversial plans for a store in Wrexham Road have been submitted to Shropshire Council as the supermarket firm seek to answer concerns from residents and business owners.

George Brown will be at the meeting and will make an as-yet unknown presentation to councillors.

In the confidential section of the meeting, which excludes the press and public, councillors will hear of two separate complaints made by by an A Finch and by a J Conner.

They will also discuss adopting a council email addresses for each councillor.

Other items on the agenda include a presentation from Whitchurch Town Team; agreeing a location of a BT fibre cabinet outside the Civic Centre and to resolve or receive an update on any outstanding full council resolutions.

They will also review samples of the material that suppliers have provided which would be used to develop “Strictly No Dogs, Respect our Children’s Health” signs for Jubilee Park, and will agree on whether this material is suitable to be used for the signage alongside provided quotes.

There will also be discussion of appointing councillors to internal and external bodies. For a full agenda, head to www.whitchurchcouncil.uk