A hands-on workshop was hosted by Whitchurch Library.

Rob Spinks took his “Bricks and Tricks” session to the town centre, teaching youngsters how to get creative with toy bricks. And he even added a touch of magic.

Rob, who moved to Whitchurch earlier this year, said: “The idea is to get children active and hands on. They can let their creativity come out.

“I bring a demonstration model and the children can copy that or let their own creativity flow, which is quite amazing.

“They learn how to plan the development of a town, and think about where buildings should go.”

Rob also visits schools, where he includes an educational talk in his workshop.

He will be returning the library in the new year with a Medieval workshop on February 23 from 2.30pm. To find out more about Bricks and Tricks, call 01948 519383.