WHITCHURCH Town Council have taken the decision to close the toilets in Jubilee Park for the winter after they were hit by vandalism and intimidation of staff. The move follows previous vandalism in the park, with benches damaged and flowers ripped out, leaving many in the town disgusted.  Councillor Terry O’Neill, chairman of the parks committee, again called on people to shop those who they know are causing the damage to the police, and while disappointed with the outcome, believes protecting staff is more important. “We’re going to have to close the toilets over the winter because of the vandalism,” said Cllr O’Neill, who has served for six years. “As soon as we can, we will open them up again for use over the summer. “We’re calling on the people of Whitchurch who are aware of the vandals doing this, then contact the police. “It’s obvious the people involved, or who have knowledge of people involved in the incidents we’ve had, they either don’t listen to what we’ve said before they reopened and not looked after the toilets. “The toilets were closed for a number of years. We felt obliged to reopen and use them for people using the park, but we face coming back to the same scenario where they’re being used for the wrong reasons.” Cllr O’Neill added he would be attending a demonstration of remote CCTV cameras as the town council seeks ways to improve how it can protect the park’s toilets. A notice will be placed on the toilets by the town council apologising for any inconvenience caused by the closure over the winter months. Anyone wishing to report the people responsible for the vandalism in the park are encouraged to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or the police non emergency 101 line.