(Percy’s, Whitchurch, Dec 14)

Australian star Joshua Robertson is coming to Whitchurch next month when he headlines a charity night to support homelessness.

The night is part of nationwide gig to support charities which help people who sleep rough and the Whitchurch gig will be towards the Shrewsbury Ark.

Robertson will be joined on stage by Vicky Chapman, Rory Jones and Lorna Prichard with MC Donald Mackeral.

The night runs from 7.30-10pm and the gig is free, but people attending are encouraged to donate as much as they can.

The gig is for people aged over 18 and you can donate directly at

Any money donated would give the charities a much-needed boost towards Christmas.

For more details, head to @homelessstandup or #thehomelesssupportstandupproject on Twitter.