A HOUSING group which operates across North and Mid Wales is looking to support local business across the region by offering to register them as subcontractors.

The Pennaf Housing Group has its own in-house maintenance company, PenAlyn, and it is currently drawing up a list of qualified local sub-contractors who can work for the company on a variety of jobs throughout the year.

To help local firms who may wish to be considered for PenAlyn work, Pennaf has enlisted the help of business support expert Menter a Busnes which is running workshops to help contractors with the process.

Senior asset management officer Gareth Gathern said: “PenAlyn manages a full maintenance programme for Clwyd Alyn Housing Association across the region and to ensure the most effective response to any repair enquiries we are looking for a range of local subcontractors who we can call on for specific jobs.

“We need to make sure that we have a great network of professionally qualified local trades people who can work for PenAlyn as subcontractors when necessary, whether that is in response to particular events, such as damage caused by high winds or burst pipes, or specialist trade skills which we can call upon as an integral part of our regular maintenance work.

“Subcontractors will be needed in a wide range of areas and for different levels of work – some may be small scale jobs where we can offer a quick response whereas others might involve much larger contracts, so local companies of all sizes are welcome to contact us.”

Gareth added that any firms interested would need to be approved first before being added to the PenAlyn subcontractors list and they would need to complete a prequalification questionnaire to be returned by September 29.

“We’re offering local firms of all sizes the opportunity to apply to become registered sub-contractors subject to successful qualification process,” he said.

“PenAlyn will continue to be our in-house maintenance experts and they will then look to our approved register of other trade professionals to assist with particular jobs.”

Details of the PenAlyn sub-contractors’ ‘Press Qualification Questionnaire’ and details of the supporting workshop assistance can be found on PenAlyn website at www.penalyn.co.uk