BOOMTOWN Fair will return to the Matterly Estate, Winchester from August 7 to 14, 2014, with the Early bird tickets now on sale.

The festival is renowned for consistently delivering top quality entertainment and a fully immersive experience.

New for 2014 the Town Council have grand plans which includes a change in musical emphasis with a brand new Folk and World-music main stage set to fully celebrate many more live acts and performers.

There is also a new mayor in town ready to put her own stamp on proceedings and truly bring the fairground feel back to the streets of BoomTown!
BoomTown Fair is known for celebrating a vast array of musical genres, from reggae to psy-trance, break-beat to Balkan and everything in between!

In previous years there has been a splattering of Folk and World music dotted around the pop-up city, but for 2014 BoomTown it will all be brought under one dedicated Folk and World music stage within a huge new themed area.

This new zone will naturally compliment all the other genres that BoomTown residents know and love whilst simultaneously broadening the scope of the music programming and see a natural evolution of BoomTown head towards more chilled out ventures.

As well as the dedicated Folk and Roots main stage there are rumours circulating about BoomTown heading back in time with brand new district titled ‘The Wild West’ including a fully immersive blue-grass venue more details will be released over the coming months.
“We are really excited about this new venture, folk and country is something we have been really interested in and it is only now we feel the event is in a position to move in a new direction, plans are only in the drawing board stage but things are definitely progressing and we can’t wait to reveal the new elements over the next few months." said creative director, Lak Mitchell.
The 2013 Fair saw the first ever onsite BoomTown elections and hundreds of residents take to the ballot boxes to vote for their favourite district councillor.

The Town Hall was opened for voting Fri-Sun with six of the seven districts represented with their own campaign office, behind the door of each campaign office awaited an interactive/immersive theatrical experience representing life within the walls of the individual district.

After experiencing the theatrics of each room the city residents (festival goers) would then vote for the district they wanted to have greater control at BoomTown 2014. Burrita Jose, councillor for Barrio Loco was overwhelmingly chosen as the new, unchallenged Mayor of BoomTown.

With this appointment the festival will see some exciting changes with a Mexican influence infiltrating the Town Council.
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Tickets for BoomTown Fair 2014 start from £110 via the festival website.